Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well, it has been more than a month since I've poured my heart out on this electronic page. Life has been more than busy, and I'm happy to report that #1, I survived, and #2, the busyness of business is a bit more manageable these days. Hallelujah!

Today is Thanksgiving, and I get to celebrate with family that lives about 7 1/2 hours from here. It's truly something to be thankful for. I am also thankful for the great food and smells that accompany this day of feasting. Prepping things is always a delight to my psyche. The crunch of the celery as my Santoku knife passes through, the aroma of a fresh head of garlic being chopped in two, the little tastes here and there to make sure everything's up to snuff... it all adds up to a wonderful experience for me. 

The kitchen is a comfort room for me. Maybe that's because I am comfortable experimenting with foods. Maybe it is because I am a bit of a control freak and know how I want my food to be prepared... But I think maybe, just maybe, it has to do with the fact that I LOVE giving to my family. I cook from scratch and use as much personally-grown garden veggies that I can, giving wholesome and delectable meals to my family. It's a joy to work in my kitchen.

A dear friend of mine wrote to me today about the wonders of Thanksgiving. It inspired me. She said that even the piles of dirtied dishes were a beautiful sight to her. I began to ponder that. Truly, if your house is filled with enough people to constitute piles of dirty dishes, then you are more than blessed with a large, loving family. Family doesn't always have to be blood- or law-relation, either. Two dear friends will be accompanying the Lam-Fam tomorrow when we celebrate our Thanksgiving. They are just as much family as my children are. God has joined us together in the body of Christ, and I am thrilled to no end that I can call so many people brother and sister. 

Truly, I am thankful for this day of remembering. And even more thankful that I won't have to go out tomorrow and fight traffic or crowds in the psychotic sales and early rising rituals of what has come to be known as Black Friday. 

Much much love from me to you. Each day, remember Who we are celebrating from now until Christmas day. (And beyond!!) For now that Thanksgiving is "over," there will be little on the minds of marketers and ad wizards from here on out. Be bold, be brave. Fight the urge to load up on the non-essentials! Keep it simple and happy.

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. 
Leave the rest to God...