Sunday, March 13, 2011


While watching some video footage of the Tsunami in Japan, I began thinking a lot about the powerful forces of nature. I also thought about how absolutely tranquil the ocean looked as it advanced over the earth, claiming new territory for itself; if only for a moment of time. The ocean is something that I don't really think of often, in terms of a militant force to be reckoned with, but it is. The sheer force and energy that is encapsulated within the borders of its shorelines is something that cannot be contained at all times. There is something so miraculous about this vast ocean of power that makes me shrink back into my seat and marvel at its magnitude.
This got me to thinking about God's all-powerful strength, creative ability, and love. Obviously, God's love is even bigger than the ocean and His strength is, well, it's more extreme than anything I've ever encountered... personally or from film. 

The thing is, when the ocean's wave came marching up onto the shore, it was not a respecter of people, vehicles, boats, even homes. What I saw was a solid wave, claiming territory, without straying from its intended path. What I saw was not an inch of hesitancy or delay. It was obedient to its mission.
But what was even more interesting and provoking was how it looked. Complete peace. Lucidity. Tranquility. I keep replaying it in my mind's eye, hoping to see some effort of aggression, some glance from side to side, and there's nothing; just the sheer will and peaceful onslaught of destruction.

I believe that there are some extremely important lessons for us to learn from the ocean. The first is this: when we are given a directive to move, we need to move--no hesitancy, but also not racing ahead of the command, filled with the aggressive attitude of immaturity.
Second, power does not equal chaos. When watching the wave stroll across the land, taking along with it the minuscule things such as van, boats, houses and trains, I was mesmerized by its lucidity. How is it that this force could be so tranquil when wreaking havoc and destruction upon the people of the land?

Jesus came to usher in peace. But that didn't mean everyone would automatically be toting peace signs and kissing one another in the name of brotherhood. Jesus brought along with his message an uprising--a war--between relationship and religion. This was his plan. And there's something so awe-inspiring about watching someone walk peacefully into the Plan for his life, just as the ocean's tide calmly marched in and took what it was told to take.

I know this is but the tip of the iceberg for the lessons and dynamic parallels held within this mighty force. But for now... keep pondering. Ponder anew what the Almighty can do. Afterall, He is the creator of these oceans, and He is the author and perfecter of our faith.