Friday, September 21, 2012


Her Cheshire Cat grin makes me wonder sometimes... I wonder how this gorgeous little thing all of five years can captivate my heart with just a glance.

What a thing of beauty she has become. Her long golden silk tumbles down the shoulders and melts into a fragrant honey river, allowing anyone to escape into glory for just a moment.

With eyes that seem to capture every living thing in her midst, she walks around, adding them all to her own personal collection. Old ones with wrinkles soften and smile. Young ones stop goofing off for a moment to stare and wave. All the rest, somewhere in the middle look on, trying not to be noticed, but for naught. So they comment on how well-mannered she is and what lovely hair she has.

What a gift, this grinning girl is to us. And to know that she is the reason we are where we are today... the reason we live where we do, and love who we now know... Life certainly is stunning. And so is she.