Thursday, July 22, 2010

Like a Child

This morning, something pretty relevant happened when my three beautiful daughters awoke and came downstairs. I sat at the dining room table, catching up on emails, checking out a few websites I have interest in, etc., when the french doors opened and in walked my youngest. Immediately, she looked over to where I sat, marched right up to me, and climbed up into my arms for a morning snuggle session. It was beautiful. 

Next entered my middle child. She walked through the french doors, looked over to me, then walked into the dining room and stood about six feet away from where I sat, just looking at me, almost waiting for my invitation for her to come closer.

Last entered my eldest. She walked directly into the dining room and sat at the opposite side of the table without looking at anyone.

Immediately I saw such a parallel to how our spiritual lives--and the human process of pulling away--can be. When we are young in our faith, we seek out our Father, and push our way into His arms, no matter what. As we grow, circumstances of this world teach us to be a bit more apprehensive. We know the place we should go, but stand at the outer edges, waiting for His invitation to join Him. Then as time goes even further, we don't even try to approach personally. We show up at the table, as a child of God, but there's not much interaction with the Father.

So here is the first pondering: In every stage, our Father is so incredibly patient and generous with us. He will give us the invitation, as I did with my middle daughter. I invited her into my arms and she came willingly. After her snuggle time was over, I got up and went to my eldest daughter. It was there, in her space, that I hugged and loved on her. That was what she needed at that time. God meets us where we are, no matter what. He is so faithful!

The second, and even more crucial pondering, which I pray you carry with you throughout your day, is this: We don't ever have to leave that first stage. Jesus exhorted His disciples in this very same manner. We never have to leave the expectation that we can walk directly into God's throne room, climb up into His arms, and receive from Him everything we need. It is this faith, the faith of a little child, that Jesus desires for us all to have. 

So where are you today? Would you climb right up? How about the middle space... would you stand in the sidelines, waiting for an invitation? Or are you even "older"? Would you come in, knowing you belong, but never really interact with your Father? His desire is not to simply have a full table. I believe with all my heart that God's "table" is in His lap. This is the place that sonship is fulfilled. Relationship. Contact. Love. Snuggle up with your Father today. As my youngest and I say to each other in those moments of pure embrace, "You're filling my heart up with love." Let God fill your heart up with love each morning. Never a disappointment. Never a regret in those moments. Love.

Matthew 18:3


  1. If I'm honest, which I try to be, I'd have to admit that sometimes it's more like God is in the house and I'm outside the house, so busy trying to help others get in the door that I don't have time to get in there myself. But still, God finds a way of sneaking up on me and taking me into his arms when I least expect it. When I'm down he has this way of getting in between me and my pain and getting my eyes back on him. I guess I'd say that I believe I'm always in his arms, not because of myself, but because of his grip on me, but I'm not always aware of it because there's so much going on around me all the time. I get distracted. But he never leaves me or forsakes me because I'm in Christ.

  2. Very well said Dave. Yes it's true that He is always with us. We just need to remember the importance of our personal decisions to "be" with Him. Actively. On purpose. Not just at the table, or in the house, but consciously WITH Him. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing, friend.

  3. so true on what you wrote
    something i needed to read
    and im glad i read it it makes
    me think about that


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