Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Great Snow-Throw

I saw this old man with a small snowblower the other day, slowly making his way along his snow-covered driveway. The odd thing was that his machine was pitifully spitting out the snow, right into the path he was trying to clear, just a few inches in front of the whole operation. He basically was throwing the same snow, over and over, as he trudged through the winter white landscape. I thought about this for a moment, and heard a message that was bold, yet comforting at the same time.

God equips us with tools to remove the obstacles in our lives. And while we are the ones meant to do the work, the Holy Spirit is the One who gives us the power to do such things. I thought of my own life, represented by this frail man, so eager to be done with the problem of a snowy driveway. I want so badly to be rid of the negative in my life that I sometimes jump the gun and muster all the strength I can from within, resulting in a poorly-powered snowblower, like our elderly friend mentioned earlier. Waiting on the Holy Spirit, for guidance and help in every situation, is of utmost importance. We were not meant to go this alone. God has given me many tools to help me along my way, but these tools are merely powerless knick-knacks without the supreme power of the Holy Spirit. 

To rely on the Power from above is of first importance in this life. To rid ourselves of our own strength, which really is not strength at all, is not only what we should be striving for, but also one of the hardest lessons in life. We have always been taught to rely on self-strength, self-empowerment, and the like. I believe it is God’s desire to see us shed this fictitious exterior as quickly as possible, and rely completely upon Him and His Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we are simply throwing regurgitated snow. 

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