Sunday, July 10, 2011


So I sit here, typing away, and feel utterly bummed. There have been so many moments that have come and gone, since June 2nd, where a seemingly amazing idea has graced my little brain and I have not acted upon it. How many truths could I have expounded upon, pondered, discovered? How many ponderings may have enlisted you, the reader, to do some truly amazing discovering? How many personal discoveries could there have been, that would have incited much pondering out here in cyber-world?

It just so happens that I have an iPhone. And with that comes (standard) a wonderful app called "Notes." I could easily tap away on the touchscreen, at least until my idea is fleshed out enough that I would be able to pick it up later and write. I typically have paper and a pen at all times. Again, why the non-compliance with one of the top rules that any writer should live by?

I'm lazy. That's it. No excuse. No "reason." I don't have a dog. My homework wasn't eaten, it was never completed. I suffer from massive procrastinator syndrome, or MPS for short. I only tend to do these things when it involves personal things, or things that would seriously be for the betterment of my life. When I have a deadline for my writing jobs–my column, an interview for a feature article, writing said feature–I rise to the occasion and have never once missed a deadline.

So why the self-defeatist attitude? I don't know either. But this is today's pondering. This is, afterall, Ponderings and Discoveries. (Not like a friend of mine read it: Pondering Sand Discoveries. But I could do that as well some day... you just wait.) Today's writing is a pondering. With no answers. Yet. I'll get back with you all when I make a discovery...

Of course you could comment and let me know what YOU think. Or do you suffer from MPS as well? Tell me about it. That is, if you get around to it... Maybe tomorrow I will be Dear Lauren and answer all of the world's woes...

By the way, have you all made the little "discovery" in my banner? Just checking... That picture is from my front yard, actually. Have you discovered the little bonus?

Peace, Love, and Cider Mugs...


  1. Yes, I have discovered the little bonus, quite a while ago :) I won't name it so others can discover it as well.

    Also--I'm in the same boat as you are. My blog is gasping for air...

  2. very well said ive always been procrastinator
    ive always put things off great writing

  3. Thanks Sarah... and... Sarah. :-) I think to some degree we all have a bit of procrastinator in us. But I m admitting it here to try and keep myself accountable to everyone who reads it.


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