Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, it's January.

Giving thanks is something that I have been learning to do, in ALL circumstances. Let me put it this way: every day should be "Thanksgiving." I have been reading through 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp (yes, still, again, again, and again) and with each page-turn I am wrecked. Tears still freely flow as I squint to read the wisdom and love through the hot stream of revelation spilling down my cheeks.

She emphasizes the Greek word for giving thanks, eucharisteo, all the time, and I love it. Over and over again, she tells us how "eucharisteo always proceeds the miracle," and I ponder.

Do you wish for a miracle in your life? I know I do. Many things in my life could use a miracle. It's these areas where we find ourselves usually moaning, groaning, and – quite frankly – complaining about. If only we would give thanks for what we have; situations, friendships, financial conditions, special relationships, faulty health, dented cars, empty spaces where loved ones once sat, etc., my heart ponders just how much change we would see in this life.

This is the most significant lesson I have lived, I believe, in my entire life. Giving thanks for all that is, leaves no room for fear and distrust. This is paramount! Jesus tells us not to worry, but to trust in Him. Giving thanks is an amazing way to exercise our faith muscle.

Eucharisteo. Giving thanks. In all things. Give it a try. See what miracle follows in your life. New year, new point of view, new levels of thankfulness, new miracles.

Peace, love, and cider mugs...

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