Tuesday, March 9, 2010

fog foggy fog

You can hear things better in a fog.

It's true. I walked out of my house last night, heading to my car, and heard a shuffle on the sidewalk. It startled me... I thought that someone was right beside me, it sounded that close. One jittery head turn and awkward body jolt left me feeling a bit ridiculous, as the person I had heard shuffling along the sidewalk was on the other side of the street, half a block away.

It got me to thinking--pondering, really--about fog. We all say things like, "I'm in a fog right now," with certain disdain for our situations. In reality, I noticed that being in that fog last night actually helped me to focus on my task at hand, because my surroundings were being clouded over--quite literally! I was forced to focus on my goal: driving and not hitting anything. :-)

Now I will say, to be fair, that while deep into my pondering, I actually turned onto a street I hadn't intended, as I simply followed the two cars in front of me... Yes, I got into a fog while thinking about fog, while driving in fog...

So here's my point: I experienced two VERY different sides of fog last night and have come to a conclusion. If I let the surrounding fog bother me, I will be clouded in frustration. However, if I allow the fog to draw me into my selected task at hand, it can work for a more positive and efficient experience.

So that's my two cents for the day. I wonder if anyone will be able to sift their way through the pea soup that still hangs in the air today, find their computers and connect with my ponderings... We shall see...

Just remember: fog is billions of tiny water/vapor droplets, so wherever you are going, kick a little harder or bring your flippers. They may be helpful.

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  1. Love it! That's an awesome Godly mindset, I like it a lot...


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