Thursday, March 4, 2010

Second verse of the Birthday song...

In the search for the age of the earth... Many people are divided on this topic, I agree. And I also agree that I don't have the scientific knowledge that many people--on both sides of this debate--have. There is one thing I do have: faith. I know that not everyone reading this may possess the same faith I speak of, but I have seen, in my own life, true tangible evidence of Creator God. Ask me, if you're interested... And while there are certain things that we just can't wrap our brains around, it doesn't mean that simply because WE can't figure it out, that something is wrong. It simply proves once again that He is God and we are not. I also would like to add that this fact of "faith or not" does not make me love a person any less. I love people because they are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made, and are all individual miracles. And that is what we are called to do: love. Without condition.

I read today about the universe and the galaxies and star systems that are billions of lightyears away, meaning that by the time we see the light, it was emitted from its source billions of years ago. You know what? I believe that. Of course. It's proven... As much as I can tell. However, I can say this: I still believe what the Bible says, because it is the living word of God. Why does the earth have to be the same age as the universe? If you read in Genesis 1, you will see that certain things were made at different times. He did not say, "Let there be everything-right-now-immediately." Everything was "born" in its own timing. And who am I to say that God created the entire universe all at once? In fact, I KNOW that He did not. Why? How? Because science has proven that this amazing universe we live in is STILL expanding. Which leads me to my conclusion that He is still creating it. #1, God is a creator. #2, He is unchanging. Therefore, He is STILL a creator, and STILL creating.

Let me ask you this: if you live in a house and the walls are a pretty shade of sage green, isn't that nice? Sure. But does that mean that the walls are made of green paint? Certainly not. Certain structural elements had to be put into place BEFORE the house was #1, ready to paint, and certainly more importantly #2, inhabitable. Certain things were set in place before the earth and its self-indulgent and self-important humans were created. It's just like our race to think that it's all about us. Like this immense universe that is so enormous is all about them, and therefore, if they weren't around at the beginning, or at least in some form, like an amoeba or some pre-evolutionary humanoid (which I don't believe), then it can't be true, because that would prove it's not all about us. Let me say something here: it's not all about us... but God, in His mercy, created all of these things in such a way that they actually help us. The Bible actually mentions constellations. (Job 9:9, 38:1, 38:31 for example) Why? Because they were useful in the culture several thousands of years ago, before we had certain technologies like satellites and artificial horizons. They were placed in certain places in this vast universe in such a way that helps out the human race. They weren't made FOR us, but they were made to glorify God, for His pleasure, and in a way that brings MORE glory to Him, they help out His most-loved creation that was made in His image. So yes, the universe is VERY old. I believe that.

I hope you were at least educated on how my mind works... And if you still believe the way you believe and that is contrary to the way I believe, well, that is what makes you, you, and what makes me, me. And at the end of the day, this trivial fact is not what is important. What IS important is whether you have decided to enter into a relationship with such an amazing Creator and His Son. And that is not a "debate" as much as it is something as relevant to our life as oxygen. Without it, we die. It's simple truth. John 3:16-21

Lastly, don't we call her "Mother Earth"??? Well then, here is your final answer: you never ask a woman her age. So there! :-P

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  1. Love it Lauren!!! Very well said, I'd never thought of a lot of those points-I love it!!


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