Monday, March 29, 2010

a different new life

New life. I've written on this topic before, but today's vein is different. Today is all about where we're at, our maturity, and how it's all interpreted and enjoyed.

Yesterday I was putting my 2-year-old down for her nap and she started playing with my lower lip, pulling it out and letting it flap back, smiling and doing it again. It was classic toddler action. And it made me smile and love her even more. I adore being a part of my children's experiences and their discoveries.

So it got me to thinking, as parenthood most often does, about how God loves to watch us grow. I think that too many times we feel that if we are not completely mature or full of understanding in a certain subject that we are less than others, or even worse, not as important to God or others. Sadly, the latter can be true in our society. Sadly, people don't enjoy stages anymore. We all want everything to be mature, not lacking anything from the start. But the truth of the matter is, NO ONE is complete from the start.

Even Jesus, God the Son, chose to come here, as an infant. People sometimes romanticize his babyhood and tend to think along the lines of the popular Christmas song... "But little Lord Jesus no crying he makes." Of course he cried! Not only did he cry when he was hungry and tired, but I bet he cried when he was bored. Babies do that. And Jesus came here, left his Godhood for a spell, to BE LIKE US. Of course he experienced the same thing we all did. Save sin.

I think of my parents when they got married. They didn't have much, but worked VERY hard to get the home they longed for, and the things they desired (not that they are materialistic, but everyone has material desires of sorts). When I got married, I wanted to have it all right away. That got us into some debt, and put quite a strain on our marriage. Growing up too fast, trying to be complete when the time has not yet come, will always be painful and leave scars.

So, back to the original thought here. I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me yesterday, while enjoying the lip game Rebekah was playing, that He adores every moment we, His Children, are in. Just as I enjoyed Rebekah yesterday, discovering what sound it makes when my lip smacked back into place, He enjoys us all, as we are growing and maturing in our walks with Him.

Now I will say, that if my 8-yr-old tried the same lip game, I would be slightly annoyed. Of course this draws a certain parallel as well. We should act as mature as we truly are and should be. Every stage of development yields a new maturity, and I believe that God is glorified when we don't stoop to the lower levels of immaturity than where we currently reside.

I've said it before, and I'll say it now: life is a learning experience. I hope I never slide back to my infant or toddler state in the Lord, but always continue to grow and discover NEW things, not rediscover the same old-same old.

My final thought: enjoy the path you are on. Each day brings about a new discovery. Embrace each setback gracefully, for there is a lesson in everything. And remember that just as a new parent enjoys each little nuance of their growing children, I believe that God does all the more. He quiets us with His love and rejoices over us with singing (Zephaniah 3:17). And I believe that He enjoys each stage we are in, His heart bursting with pangs of love for us all the more when we decide to take a step out and discover something new. So? what are you waiting for? Get out there! Get going!

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