Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's in the air...


I felt the first touch of spring today. Ever so slight was its caress on my face... It found its way between my heavy wool scarf and chunky wool hat and kissed my cheeks and it was marvelous!

Now I will tell you one of my secrets. I love the fall. It is, hands down, my favorite--even favourite--time of year. There's nothing like it. But here's my secret: I only like about 3 or 4 days' worth of winter, and so when spring comes along, it ALMOST seems as it is my new fave. It really isn't, and I know no season will EVER compare to my most beautiful and olfactory season as Autumn, but that first few days of spring is intoxicating.

Here is why I love the spring. New life! Watching the crocuses poke their blooms through the crust of the earth that so recently was hard-frozen and heavy in slumber under a bright white blanket of snow... that is beauty. New life that blooms in soft pinks and whites, bright yellows and purples.

More importantly, it is here in March that I will endeavor to build my summer's bounty as I plant the tiny seeds in the soil, keep them moist and warm, and watch them as they germinate and grow into little seedlings. There is nothing like the fragrant and earthy scent of warm, moist soil with little lifelings poking through, making their way into the world to grow and share in their goodness. There is an unspoken beauty there. Something that you can't quite identify, but yet it is so near to all of our hearts. It is the promise of plenty, the promise of life and goodness.

It is also the promise of a spring and summer full of hard work, and prayerfully, bountiful harvest. After all that work, it is such an amazing feeling to know that I have done something to provide for my family in such a healthy and loving way. The fresh vegetables and herbs eaten in the summer, and preserved and dried ones we will consume in the fall and winter are such miracles. To bring forth life to nourish and sustain our own lives, and to treat our little patch of earth with dignity and respect; it is a worthy endeavor. It is rewarding. It produces life... abundant life.

So if you have never known the satisfaction of sweat on your brow, mixed with a bit of soil... maybe this year will bring a new adventure. Think about it. Even if it is one solitary potted tomato. Go for it! There is MUCH to be learned in the life of gardening. It is here where the Lord will come and talk with me and teach me so many relevant life lessons. It is a beauty that no blooming flower or fresh vegetable can ever attain. I still love the reaping, don't get me wrong, but even more, I love the process and fellowship that comes with it.

So if you happen to see me this summer, with a tan line and the opposite of a manicure... remember this blog entry. Remember it is MY time. And this is why I love the fall so much. It's my version of the 7th day. Time to rest.

Love to you and peace... Now go and enjoy a kiss of sunshine this week!

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